Nov 30, 2010

outlook not so good

here's a 12-page 'zine comic i made to work out my childhood crush on kelly kapowski from saved by the bell. Also it's sort of loosely based on Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are dead

If you would like a nice zine for yourself with a hand screen-printed front and back cover for only $2 bux!, then email me at and I'll get back to ya!

Oct 27, 2010

Spooky Series #1

Hey all, here's a skateboard deck series comp that I proposed in my illustration class.
The Riders: Bobby Worrest, Mark Gonzalez, and Chet Childress
I really tried putting the skater's unique personality in each deck. Even though I don't skate, I have always been infatuated with deck art, and am constantly surrounded by skateboard art through friends. Oh, and..
Happy Halloween!!

Sep 29, 2010

The elusive Skunk Ape having a jam sesh!

and a small plein air study for a much larger studio version.

Sep 26, 2010

obligatory girl paintings

Sep 9, 2010

down to earth

Children book illustration for an old Jewish story called "Down to Earth". Story is below,

There were two neighbors who had adjoining fields. There was one part there that they had a violent feud over. Each one claimed that the part was his and refused to listen to the other ones arguments. Finally they agreed to approach Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner for a judgement. Each one stated his claims to the Rabbi. The Rabbi heard their arguments and suggested that he wants to see the piece of the field that was in question. Maybe that would help him understand their individual points of view. The Rabbi studied the layout of the land and its boundaries. Then he heard their arguments again.

All of a sudden, the Rabbi bent down and placed his ear to the soil. The two men were astounded. "What are you doing there on the ground?" one of them asked.

"I have heard your points of view about this piece of property," answered Rav Chaim, "but now I would like to hear what the ground has to say for itself."

The men thought he was joking, so one man said in a humorous tone, "All right, so indeed tell us-what does the ground say?"

Rav Chaim smiled at them and said, "The ground finds it hard to understand the anger and short-sightedness of both of you. It says, 'This one claims that I belong to him, then the other one claims that no, I belong to him. The truth, though, is that eventually they will both belong to me!' "

Aug 17, 2010

poster for illest of ill 2010. No more boats for a while, I swear!

36" X 32"

some cocopalosa palms for a landscaping company shirt.

screen-printed joint house posters. Top one is a collaboration with Justin Sperry and Wesley Bayard, Below is collaboration with Wesley Bayard.

Aug 14, 2010

i still believe in Andrew W.K.

Aug 10, 2010

some warm-up doodles from last night. enjoying the fresh marks!

playing around in-between assignments

Aug 9, 2010

logo experimenting and sarasota and tennessee studies

May 5, 2010

anatomy of desire

Here are 9 out of 11 pages of my comic. Based on the short story, Anatomy of Desire by John L'Heureux. Sorry for the cliff hanger but I couldn't resist throwing this up. The font's a little funky right now, and I want to make a cover for it. But final will be posted soon!
I have gained so much respect for comic artists while making this, the amount of work they have to do is mind numbing.

cassette tape and shirt design for doomy sludge band Skunk Ape. font by his holiness Ryan Hopewell

Apr 20, 2010


Some more plein air studies at Myakka state park, followed by a mounted sculpy head of the elusive Florida Skunk Ape!!