Nov 26, 2009

acrylic/pastels 6''x6''.

Nov 16, 2009

nympho 3 little pigs.

My share of a group assignment where you rework the three little pigs. Our group chose sexual predator wolf preying on supple young confused pig boys...
In reality, everything our group did was promo for the live action movie dealing with the same story line but they are people instead of barnyard animals!

Nov 9, 2009

your mother should know

5 color lino-cut with goldleaf, and a some doodles in my new book. Sadly, my books are almost all thumbnails right now. Due to painting so much, I seem to be thinking more about shape than line so I am trying to get some more lines back into my sketches. Gotta be drawing all the time dawg.
Big figure painting update and 30 heads coming soon!

Nov 4, 2009

la musica

La Musica International Chamber Music poster.
Top one's touched up with computer, bottom one's original art.